Press Relations - Public Relations

Most marketers recognise the value of running Press Relations programmes, or more accurately these days, Media Relations campaigns. This could and often does include everything from writing material and getting it placed in the media, to the complete management of press conferences and fully integrated media campaigns. And when we say media this means print & online, social media, blogs – the lot – whether at local, European or global level.

Extending Marcom Services

Maybe your marcom department is fully equipped to handle all of this. But then again maybe it could do with professional support that can help you extract the most from your efforts and budget.

You need close contacts with editors and journalists. You need high-profile media programmes. You need effective distribution of your news and key marketing messages. Then dare we say it – you need BlueBadger.

With experienced writers on-board, we have the necessary technical competence to understand state-of-the-art technologies, products, services, markets & applications; write about them and place them where it counts.

Critical Content

We generate positive information about your company. We distribute it to the vertical and horizontal media, exposing your successes. We then use this same information to help create critical Content for your website, social media, blogs, etc. Thriving on this Content, SEO activities can then operate at an optimum level and help drive traffic to your website.

Press Releases

We’re all familiar with how media releases work. Important product, service or corporate information about your company is effectively written and distributed to the media known to cover your target audiences & markets. Choosing the right image to support the Release will help achieve increased coverage.


Articles & Case Studies

Editors are always interested in receiving articles or Case Studies that inform their readers.



Getting you face to face with editors or journalists is a worthwhile mission – or even if it’s talking together on the other end of the phone.


Distribution/List Building

Distribution of material is a critical part of the operation. It could be the best Release about the best product in the world but if it’s not getting to the right audience – the objective is defeated.



Life would be so much easier if everyone spoke the same language but they don’t…


Content Marketing

We go to great lengths to make sure content that we do produce is optimised for the web.


Tuesday, October 03, 2023

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