An Advertisement be it online or in print, is an important vehicle in getting corporate branding, products or specific messages to market. Advertisements should be impactive and stand out from the crowd. Which is where we come in. We have all the creative skills and writing ability to produce strong advertisements that capture key messages in whatever language is required Whether its promoting corporate branding, websites or a new product, once we have discussed the requirement with you – we’ll do the rest. BlueBadger thinks about your requirements and produces creatives and campaigns, both digital and print, in any language, that directly target the right audiences – within budget For a free evaluation of your current campaign why not give us a call. Marketing messages, available budget and length of programme come next but all are essential in working out your best strategy. You might only be thinking of a simple marketing project or it could be a fully integrated campaign; either way, the marketing principles are the same – define the parameters that will govern your strategy.


With all the questions answered from your brief we will have a good base from which to produce the ideal media programme for you. Our in-depth knowledge of the global technical marketplace is second-to-none and with our buying power we can ensure cost-effective campaigns. Campaigns that can be online, print or a combination.We plan campaigns that deliver results and can prove it. Our online campaigns include: Adwords, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads – and a variety of pay per click search advertising, lead generation as well digital magazines. In fact there is a whole range of online media to choose from and it’s changing all the time. Drop us an email to hear the latest gossip Experience has taught us where, when and how to promote your products, services or brands and to provide the ‘call to action’ to generate response. BlueBadger will effectively ensure that your marketing messages and corporate branding are shouted loud, clear and often to make you stand out

Google Adwords

Instant Page 1 results and some great strategic tools enable us to deliver targeted traffic from a radius of a few miles to global and everything in between. We have Pay-Per-Click (PPC) trained experts on hand for all the technical stuff. If you are thinking of running such a campaign then you should do a few things in advance. For our Information Pack “ Small Business Guide On Best Practices” please email Measurement yardsticks are agreed in advance. And where need be, adjustments are made along the way to optimise results. One piece of strategic advice – call us now and let’s talk things through over a coffee.