Social Media

Social media

As part of a marketing programme Social Media is now instrumental in message delivery. What is Social Media marketing and how can it help you? It can help in various ways. It can increase traffic to your website, traffic which can be monitored and converted into leads. Help with Brand Awareness and relay specific messages to key audiences. And it is fast...really fast, which can be dangerous and is why it is very important that information that is put out onto Social networks is properly addressed and is programmed as part of a marketing strategy. We can help you select the right route for your company by training you and making Social Media work hard so your busbess benefits. If time is an issue we can even do it for you. Get in touch for some free ideas email At BlueBadger we have a clear understanding on what works & where and how the PR content generated can increase your online exposure and boost your web traffic. If you need some support then click here to have Social Media made easy for you.


Used correctly Facebook can be very powerful. BlueBadger will assess if your own market is developed enough and take appropriate action. If it is, then we will put a plan together to really put a smile on your face. Book a free evaluation with our Social Media Gurus, email


Is everyone connected to everyone else these days? Not quite, but it can feel that way. With some expert advice from BlueBadger we can get you connected to the right people and groups to generate a great set of business contacts. We can show you how or completely manage your online account. We look at what you say – where you say it and get your business communicating. What gets us really excited is when we start placing content in one place and it starts appearing in other places…automatically. BlueBadger would like to chat on the phone – gives our fingers a rest.


All they give us is 140 characters. Our job is to make each message sharp & concise and deliver it to your #market. Tweet us @BlueBadgerltd. 0 Characters remaining Maybe we should give you a bit more information than just 140 characters. There is a skill involved with how twitter is used to impact your business and we know all the tips and tricks. Followers is one thing, using correct #Hashtags is another – but it is what you say and how you connect to direct people which is a critical part of the social media process. Do tweet us @BlueBadgerLtd if you can, or if you are in a flap over these sort of things, then call or email us and we will point you in the right direction.


YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet…..Google own YouTube, so it's not too surprising they regard video content with such high esteem. BlueBadger can do the big video productions and often do, but these carry just as much weight in search results as the small short clips. Your business will benefit not only from fresh new content for your website but also from the boost in rankings from Google. We have a few tricks up our sleeve on this too. Ask to see a few behind the scenes samples. How about trying a Video Clip on your website or on your next Press Release? Shout ‘Action’ to BlueBadger and we will deliver some fresh ideas.